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Attachments for Roadside Maintenance

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 8/12/21 1:52 PM
Ben Gutnik
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Diamond Mowers Roadside Maintenance Equipment

Roadside maintenance is vital for keeping any road in safe-driving condition - from a rural gravel road to major highways and other high-traffic thoroughfares. Regular maintenance keeps roads safe by removing debris and brush which blocks visibility, as well as prevents damage due to poor drainage.

With the right attachments, roadside upkeep can become safer and more efficient. Learn more about the challenges and benefits of roadside maintenance and how quality equipment can simplify the process.

The Challenges of Roadside Maintenance

Road maintenance is a necessary practice that can pose several challenges. Some common issues include:

  • Invasive plant species -- Aggressive invasive species require more attention and can be particularly difficult to control without the right equipment. Choose mowing attachments that offer high productivity to minimize the impact on your maintenance budget. 
  • Drainage problems -- Poor drainage can increase erosion and cause roads to be unsafe for vehicles to navigate.
  •  Time and labor demands -- Without the proper tools, roadside maintenance can be very time-consuming, posing a challenge for contractors or municipalities.

If left unaddressed, these issues can escalate into more significant problems, eventually impacting road users and cause expensive, time-consuming repairs. 


Roadside Maintenance Tasks

Common roadside maintenance tasks for municipal workers, state transportation departments, among others include:

Wide-Area Mowing

Wide-area mowing is ideal for large grassy areas such as medians. Mowing trims grass and brush, increases visibility, and outlines the roadway; however, this can be the most time-consuming aspect of roadside maintenance without the right equipment.

Gravel Reclamation

Gravel reclamation promotes drainage and defines the road by pulling excess gravel from the shoulder onto the main road. This process helps to cut back on gravel costs and extends the life of the road.


When material settles to the bottom of ditches, it can block water flow and create a buildup that may eventually cause erosion. Removing blockages caused by dirt, sand, and debris is necessary for proper drainage.


Brush and Branch Trimming

Trimming branches and removing brush improves visibility for drivers and creates a safer driving environment.

Bridge and Overpass Maintenance

Clearing brush and cutting grass around bridges and overpasses improve aesthetics and visibility.


Diamond Mowers Roadside Maintenance Equipment

Diamond Mowers offers a robust portfolio of roadside maintenance attachments for tractors, wheel loaders, skid-steers, and excavators. Our heavy-duty attachments get more done with less time and labor.

When it comes to completing roadside maintenance projects efficiently and effectively, our customers rely on the following attachments:

  • Flail Mower: Our flail mower attachments for tractors provide a precise, manicured cut, making them ideal for wide area mowing. Extend your reach with our boom attachments, which allow operators to mow beyond shoulders and over guardrails from the safety and stability of the road.
  • Rotary Mower: Rotary mower attachments can cut back grass, brush, and debris from the side of the road. Choose the boom rotary to cut back tree branches hanging over the road and manage brush growing in steep ditches.
  • All-American Disc: This gravel reclaimer attaches to a tractor or grader to pull gravel back on the main road and contour the shoulder.
  • Boom attachments: Explore any of our boom attachment options to add access and reach to a tractor for important roadside maintenance activities.

Our quality attachments streamline roadside maintenance tasks and help protect drivers.

Diamond Mowers Roadside Maintenance Equipment

Roadside maintenance increases road safety and aesthetics. Whether you're maintaining personal property or public roads and highways, the right tools can make all the difference.

With Diamond Mowers attachments for tractors, you can effectively and efficiently maintain your roadways. Contact us today to speak to a sales representative.