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Brett Favre - Customer Testimonial

Posted by Mel Peterson on 3/5/19 3:24 PM
Mel Peterson
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When I first received the call, I thought it was a hoax.

No, it wasn’t Brett Favre himself, but it was his right-hand, land clearing man looking for a better way to get rid of over grown trees on Brett's property. What comes next is the same story we hear time and time again...

  • There is an enormous amount of land to clear
  • Using a shears is frustrating and time consuming
  • Burning is not an option
  • Now what?

We let them know I had not only one solution, but two tools that can help do the job quickly, effectively, and leave a great finish.

Fast forward a few weeks when we dropped off Diamond's Forestry Disc Mulcher and Rotary Mower in Mississippi - and the rest is history. Brett and his land clearing team have been using Diamond’s mechanical solutions ever since.

 We were fortunate enough to capture Brett’s story here:

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