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Dealer Spotlight - Kalida Truck Equipment

Posted by Dacotah Buum on 10/21/19 11:20 AM
Dacotah Buum
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Dealer Spotlight - Kalid Truck Equipment, Inc.
In 2001, Ken Kahle, Greg Recker, and Joe Recker purchased the family-owned Kalida Truck Equipment, Inc. The winter of 2001-02 was much warmer than average with almost no snow. With low sales, they knew they would have to change their business model to survive.

Kalida knew they had to diversify their product offerings. One thing they began exploring was roadside mowing options since many of their customers were municipalities, and Kalida saw a need. Kalida first entered the mowing market in 2003 with another vendor and saw some success but ran into too many mechanical failures with the product line. In 2006, Kalida Truck and Diamond Mowers signed a dealer agreement, and the relationship began.

"I am proud to represent Diamond Mowers roadside equipment line and look forward to the partnership for many years to come." - Joe Recker, President

Utilizing its customer base along with a robust sales and marketing plan, Kalida Truck has grown its roadside mowing equipment business ten-fold. Kalida currently has two locations in Kalida and Toledo, OH.  They recently moved into a new 18,000 square foot, 14 bay installation facility at their home office location in Kalida, OH. This facility has increased productivity so they can continue to offer high-quality Diamond Mowers on a timely basis.


Kalida's vision and mission for the company was to build the best quality trucks in the industry. Kalida Truck Equipment Inc. that once relied on snow and ice, now has a much broader product portfolio.

In 2015 the company celebrated 40 years in business. With a focus on quality and customer service, Kalida Truck Equipment, Inc. has grown to 40 employees strong.




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