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Hard Work Doesn't Mean Stressful

Posted by Miranda Moss on 9/17/19 3:52 PM
Miranda Moss

Employee Spotlight - Wayne Aanenson

Wayne Aanenson, Maintenance Technician, is driven by taking pride in his work for Diamond Mowers.

Wayne has been with Diamond for four years as a Maintenance Technician. In this role, he does everything from preventative maintenance on equipment and the buildings to repairing tractors from Diamond's used equipment fleet.

Wayne was part of the team that helped get Diamond’s second location up and running. “It’s interesting to start with an empty building and work to define the best locations for assembly and welding stations, large factory equipment, as well as office space layout. Stripping a building down to the bare bones and rebuilding it to suit our needs was a rewarding process.”

Wayne also stated that Diamond is a great company to work for because of the relaxed culture. “We work hard, but it doesn't feel stressful. The outstanding people at Diamond play a big role in that.”

Outside of Diamond, you will find Wayne spending time with family and friends. If it happens to be autumn, Wayne and his wife will be out riding motorcycles, taking in the cooler weather and beautiful fall colors. Their favorite vacation spot is Wickiup Campground in Cheyenne Crossing, enjoying great food and beautiful scenery from the seat of a motorcycle.


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