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Illinois Land Developer Boosts Efficiency with Excavator Brush Cutter

Posted by Diamond Mowers on 9/1/23 2:10 PM
Diamond Mowers

EX Brush Cutter Testimonial

Braydon and Rachel Lockwood share how Diamond Mowers’ 40” Excavator Brush Cutter Pro X has enhanced the versatility and profitability of their land-clearing business.


  • Company: L&C LandSolutions, LLC
  • Location: Centralia, IL
  • Owner/Operator: L&C LandSolutions, LLC, is a property solutions business serving Centralia, IL, which helps clients optimize all their land has to offer through property and farm clearing, pond and lake bank mowing, and general land maintenance.
  • Excavator: 2023 Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator
  • Diamond Attachment: 40” Excavator Brush Cutter Pro X

Founded in 1853 by the Illinois Central Railroad (from which its name derives), Centralia, Illinois, lies about 60 miles east of St. Louis. Due to its predominantly rural surroundings, agriculture is essential to the local economy. With land aplenty, maintenance is needed as numerous areas susceptible to overgrowth and unwanted vegetation impede the land and hinder its profitability.

To help local landowners effectively manage their land, mitigate invasive species, and optimize their properties, Braydon and Rachel Lockwood, owners of L&C LandSolutions, LLC, provide services ranging from clearing farmland to pond and lake bank mowing and general land maintenance. The Lockwoods recently added the 40” Excavator Brush Cutter Pro X from Diamond Mowers to their equipment fleet and have credited the high-performance cutting tool for expanding their range of services and increasing project efficiency.


“The attachment is very easy to use and run, and the mower head can be used in a variety of ways,” said Braydon. “We are constantly discovering new methods of using it, so the opportunities are endless.”

Republished with the permission of L & C LandSolutions, LLC.

Reasons for Choosing Diamond

The heavy-duty, hydraulically powered 40” Excavator Brush Cutter Pro X boasts a simple design that keeps operation and maintenance costs low. Ideal for processing material up to 4” in diameter, the attachment is highly productive on tall grass, small trees, brush, and fence lines thanks to its Tri-Hex mulching disc, which provides powerful inertia in tough conditions and prevents material build-up between the deck and blade carrier. It is also strategically engineered to reach slopes, waterways, railways, and other hard-to-reach areas – making it an ideal tool for L&C.

“We chose Diamond because it seemed like the most well-put-together mower for what we were looking to accomplish with our business,” explained Rachel. “The cost was reasonable and equal to the market, and the equipment is well built and worth the value.”

Diamond Mowers EX Brush Cutter

Republished with the permission of L & C LandSolutions, LLC.

Adding to its appeal for the Lockwoods was that Diamond Mowers was highly recommended by their local equipment dealer, Bobcat of St. Louis.

“The Bobcat team was instrumental in our decision,” added Rachel. “They were extremely knowledgeable about the attachment and made sure no questions we asked were left unanswered. They were effective and took care of everything we needed in a timely manner.”

In addition to the 40” model, Diamond Mowers’ Excavator Brush Cutter Pro X is available in 50”, 60”, and 72” cutting widths to accommodate carriers from 6.5 to 25 metric tons and handle material up to 10” in diameter. The blade carrier boasts three hardened steel blades that are built to swing and pivot, allowing them to break away around rocks and stand up to the rigors of demanding work conditions. The attachment is also equipped with a spring-loaded retractable shield to deflect debris.

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