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Bark Beetle Outbreak

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 8/21/19 1:26 PM

Conifers are like a banquet for bark beetles. These beetles infest most of the national parks and pine forests. Combined with climate change, the spread of bark beetles has led to an increase in destruction of trees and wildfires.

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Topics: Skid-Steer, Forestry, Pine Beetle, Insects, Bark Beetle, Southern Pine Beetle, American elm bark beetle

Controlling the Aftermath of a Wood-Boring Insect Infestation

Posted by Neil Simons on 7/23/18 11:53 AM

Insect infestations, particularly wood-boring insects, can affect a wide range of ornamental or forest trees. These insects can thrive for some time before damage is noticed and is too late for the survival of the trees.

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Topics: Skid-Steer, Forestry, Emerald Ash Borer, Pine Beetle, Insects

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