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Mid-Mount Mowers Offer Flexibility and Efficiency

Posted by Matt Nelson on 5/25/17 9:10 AM
Matt Nelson

Mid-mount mowers offer the flexibility of doing mowing and/or brushing, expanding the amount of work you can do, and when you can do it.

Work Year Round
In many regions of the country, mowing and brushing can be done during different parts of the year.

  • Mowing, using non-boom side attached mowers, typically starts in the spring and ends when growing season is over.
  • Brushing, using boom mowers and heavy-duty cutting heads, can be effectively done during
    winter months.
  • Operators can use the same tractor for both applications – making the most out of your machine throughout all seasons.

Mid-Mount Attachments
Mid-mount attachments offer efficiency and flexibility.

  • The mower main frame and dedicated hydraulic system can stay on the tractor.
  • The side attachment can be changed over to a boom mower in only 4 hours (in a
    well-equipped shop). 
  • Mid-mount attachments give the operator great visibility and an ergonomic operating environment.
  • The tractor’s drawbar and 3-Point hitch are usually available for other jobs. 

3-Point Hitch Boom Mowers
Another option is to use 3-Point mounted attachments.

  • These can be attached or removed in the field in only a few minutes, allowing the tractor to be used for loader work or tillage.
  • These attachments are less expensive than mid-mount products, providing a flexible
    cost-savings solution.

There are some trade-offs: rear-mounted implements are generally less durable than their mid-mount counterparts, and they require the operator to look behind and over their shoulder.

As with any equipment purchase, a sales professional will work with you to understand your application, budget, and timeline. This will help with finding the right solution for your application.

Watch the Diamond 3-Point Hitch Boom Mower in action below:

Rotary Mowers 3-Point Hitch Boom Mowers

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