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Safety While Operating Your Mower At Night

Posted by Neil Simons on 1/11/18 3:59 PM
Neil Simons


With winter in full effect, and days getting shorter, many operators are working in both light and dark conditions to mow road ditches, pastures, and trim or mulch trees. The short days and long nights can frequently mean starting and/or finishing the day in the dark.

Here are a few safety items to keep in mind when working in dark conditions:

  • Keep the windows clean – dirty windows are hard to see through in the dark.

  • Shatter-resistant windows scratch and yellow over time – replace when necessary.

  • Ensure all lights are working and pointed in the right direction – most work lights are adjustable.

  • Be aware of what is beyond your lighting – it is easy to get “tunnel vision” and not see a person or obstacle before it's too late.

  • Be extra diligent about maintenance – a hydraulic leak or dragging ground roller are harder to see at night.

  • Stay alert – night work can make you tired. Take breaks if you feel yourself losing concentration.

  • Make sure all flashers and reflectors are in good shape and operational.

  • Wear reflective clothing if operating near traffic.

Following these safety procedures can keep you safe and productive all year round.


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