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Why Municipalities Are Buying Fewer Boom Mowers With Rotary Heads

Posted by Tim Kubista on 8/16/16 2:39 PM
Tim Kubista
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We have learned that our customers are increasingly returning to job sites to pick up brush that has been cut along the side of the road. This increases labor cost and introduces the risk of working along a busy road.

We developed our boom-mounted forestry head to address this challenge. This product allows our customers to mulch the material as it cuts and eliminates the need to return to the job site to pick-up cut brush.

 Challenge: Not Enough Labor. Safety Concerns.

  1. Municipal customers are continuously under staffed and underfunded. They simply do not have extra labor available.
  2. Superintendents would rather avoid crews working alongside of the road due to safety concerns.

Solution: Diamond Boom Forestry Head.

This is why Diamond developed our boom forestry head. Our boom-mounted forestry head solution eliminates the need to return to the job site to retrieve cut material because it can mulch on site. That means no more post cut clean up, and no more crews working alongside the road.

Boom Forestry Head Features:

  •  Cuts up to 18” diameter
  •  Up to 10x faster than a rotary head
  •  Ability to mulch material

Want to learn more? Download our brochure, or watch our video here: 

Boom Forestry Head Brochure 

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