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Eliminating Siberian Elm

Posted by Chelsea Renteria on 2/8/19 12:01 PM
Chelsea Renteria

Siberian Elm in Nebrasak - MTS Tree Service

The Siberian Elm, also known as a Chinese Elm, is native to eastern Asia and was introduce to the United States in the 1860s to be used for its fast growth and hardiness. It commonly functions as a shelter belt or windbreak tree. It is now recognized in areas across the United States as an invasive plant.

What To Look For

  • Small to medium size tree and bushy
  • Grows up to 30-70 feet tall with trunks up to 32" in diameter
  • Leaves are less than 3" long and are dark green in color
  • Produces green-like flowers without petals in the Spring. These flowers appear in tight clusters of 2-5 blossoms.
  • Fruit from the tree appears flat and circular. These also appear in clusters that are tan in color. Each fruit contains a single seed.


Where It Can Be Found

  • Disturbed soil in areas such as pastures or meadows
  • It can grow in poor soil and with low moisture
  • Commonly seen near road-sides and on prairies
  • It is drought and cold resistant, which allows it to grow in areas other trees cannot


Eddmaps - Siberian Elm US Distribution

Map of Siberian Elm territory in the US. (Courtesy of https://www.eddmaps.org)



  • The large amount of seeds each tree produces can be easily spread by the wind, which allows it to spread quickly.
  • Since it can spread quickly, it can take over a disturbed prairie in as little as a few years, if it is not maintained.
  • It forms dense thickets and disturbs native vegetation. This can reduce vegetation for livestock and wild animals.



Vegetation management is required to eliminate this invasive species. Using a mechanical solution, such as Diamond’s Skid-Steer Rotary Mower or Forestry Mulcher, is fast, efficient, and extremely effective.

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Watch the Diamond Skid-Steer Forestry Disc Mulcher in Action below:

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