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Heating Up Revenue as the Season Cools Down

Posted by Travis Urban on 10/9/18 4:28 PM
Travis Urban


Adding revenue to your business is key to growing and succeeding. As the summer concludes and the seasons change, the ways to generate revenue do as well.  

The advantage of being in the tree mulching and land clearing business is that you can operate year-round.

Spring - the most challenging time to get around. Wet conditions in most areas can make mulching in low or steep areas difficult. It is a great opportunity to work an area before leaves and other foliage hide all the rocks and fence posts that can get in the way.

Summer - a great season to mulch trees due to the ability to work long hours and take advantage of warm weather.

Fall - days may be shorter, but this season lends some of the driest conditions. This enables you to get into some of the wetter areas and operate in challenging terrain.  

Winter - one of the best times to mulch trees in cold climates. Frozen sap in trees will cause them to shatter and mulch well.

By already being in the business of land clearing, you have a customer base that you can call on and see if they have any seasonal needs. Follow up is often overlooked and is an easy way to gain more business and increase your revenue. 

Fall Revenue Generating Ideas

Fence line cleaning: Overgrown fence lines don’t only look bad, but they block visibility of wildlife running out on to the road. To help prevent car accidents, use Diamond's skid-steer attachments to cut along and underneath fence lines.

Ditch clearing: In many parts of the country, the responsibility of cutting grass in the road ditches falls on the landowner. Ditches with tall grass will catch snow and allow it to drift across the road.

Tree clearing: In areas where there are freezing temperatures, this could be the best time for tree mulching. Frozen ground does not get torn up by equipment and frozen sap in trees provides perfect conditions for mulching.

Cutting shooting lanes: Depending on the timing of hunting seasons in your area, hunters and landowners will want new shooting lanes cut, or existing ones maintained.

Clean around field edges: After harvest season is a great time to cut down trees and brush surrounding a field. Tree branches hitting the side of a combine or tractor is fresh on a farmer’s mind. They will be more than willing to get rid of them, and could open up additional tillable acres!

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Make the most out of your equipment when the weather cools down. Keep operating with your Diamond Skid-Steer Rotary Mower or Forestry Mulcher year round!


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