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How To Use A Stump Grinder

Posted by Matt Nelson on 6/17/20 3:51 PM
Matt Nelson

How To Use A Stump Grinder

There are two types of wheel-based stump grinders commonly available as skid steer attachments. It's important to have the right stump grinder for your application, operating techniques for optimal productivity and safety, and maintenance best practice to ensure your equipment gives you a long and profitable life.

Equipment Selection

Fixed, or transverse-mounted, skid-steer stump grinders, like the Diamond Reflex, are simple, durable, and easy to use. Available in both standard and high-flow, they are ideal for rental yards and land-clearing applications.  They can, however, cause some turf damage, so extra care is required when operating on lawns.

Swing-arm stump grinders, like the Diamond Miller Stump Grinder, are highly engineered pieces of equipment with productivity that rivals diesel engine driven self-powered stump grinders.  Their design allows them to remove stumps without turf damage, and are the equipment of choice for arborists or stump-removal contractors.

Stump Grinder Family


The operator of a transverse-mounted stump grinder uses the skid-steer functions to work the cutting wheel through the stump. You would first use the lift arms of the skid-steer to push the cutting wheel down 2” – 4” into the stump at the edge. Next, drive the skid-steers forward and back, working the wheel through the stump. A slow speed is very helpful, as this is highly-controlled work. Repeat the process, lowering the wheel down until you have achieved the desired depth.

While transverse-mounted stump grinders are not ideal for residential work, they can get the job done. You will need to put up a safety screen on the discharge side of the grinder and lay out mats or plywood to prevent the wheels from causing turf damage.

The swing-arm style stump grinder operates completely differently. If your grinder has a telescoping arm like the Diamond Miller does, start with the arm fully retracted and position the wheel at the near-side of the stump. Set your park brake, turn on the high-flow, and lower the wheel down into the stump a couple of inches. Use the swing function to move the wheel side-to-side through the stump. Extend the telescopic arm and repeat the swing. Once you have made it completely through the stump at that depth, lower the wheel down another couple inches and repeat until you have achieved the desired depth.

Diamond’s Skid-Steer Miller Stump Grinder can be operated without mats to protect the turf because the wheels/tracks never move. Additionally, the welded chain curtain catches the wood chips for safe operation


As with all equipment, follow your manufacturer’s recommended guidelines around grease, oil selection, and other maintenance intervals. Examine the cutting teeth daily, and replace any badly damaged.. Failure to do so can cause damage to the tooth holders, adding cost and downtime.

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