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Testimonial: Overcoming Obstructive Vegetation to Beautify Oklahoma

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 8/8/22 3:16 PM
Ben Gutnik
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Diamond Mowers’ customer, Josh Baker, with the Oklahoma State Parks Department shared his experience with Diamond’s Disc Mulcher Pro X for forestry mulching and land clearing/preparation.

Name: Josh Baker
Company: Oklahoma State Parks Department
Location: Hoxie, KS
Owner/Operator: The Oklahoma State Parks Department manages 32 park units to provide spaces that enhance the environment, promote the quality of life in the state, encourage tourism, and actively seek to maintain a balance between resource protection and recreational land use.
Skid-Steer: John Deere 333G
Diamond Mowers Equipment: Two Disc Mulcher Pro Xs

From towering sand dunes and refreshing lakes to forested retreats and cool caverns, Oklahoma’s state parks are ready to whisk adventurers away on great outdoor experiences. Whether lacing up a pair of hiking boots or looking for some relaxing fun in the sun, the scenic beauty of these varied ecoregions and impressive natural resources is sure to provide breathtaking moments. But how exactly do these environments remain so picturesque in the land of wide-open wonder?

Enter Josh Baker, a forestry technician with one of the Oklahoma State Parks Department’s regional construction crews. Baker and his colleagues utilize two Disc Mulcher Pro X attachments on their CTLs to not only shred Cedar, Cottonwood, Oak, and Salt Cedar trees common in their service areas, but also clear roadways, campsites, hiking trails, fence lines, mower pathways, and more.

“Our experience with these disc mulchers has been exceptional,” said Baker. “They have impressed us with their ability to maintain and elevate the look of our state parks and are well-constructed to take the abuse that forestry work puts our equipment through.”

Before purchasing their Diamond disc mulchers, Baker and his team were limited to cutting everything they encountered by hand. Two drum mulchers from a different manufacturer were available for them to use but it didn’t take long for them to realize the superiority of Diamond’s attachments. Ideal for use in rural environments, the versatile 60” attachments can cut through trees as large as 14” in diameter and continuously mulch material up to 6” in diameter. Four-point hardened steel teeth inside the deck shell act like axe blades to slice through broken branches and trees, while their aggressive design effectively grabs and pulls in material for processing.

“The mulchers are quite easy to use and have become a huge asset to our fleet,” added Baker. “They attach to our CTLs quickly and easily, and after watching a few tutorial videos on proper operating techniques, they were a breeze to get the hang of.”

Skid-Steer Disc Mulcher

Baker noted that the difference between what the mulchers do compared to cutting everything by hand is “unmatched.” Between land clearing, site preparation, forestry management, and even storm and disaster cleanup, the Disc Mulcher Pro X’s versatility has proven to be a key ally for tackling a variety of applications.

The Disc Mulcher Pro X is available in two sizes: a 48” unit optimal for smaller skid-steers operating in compact spaces, and a 60” unit ideal for tackling projects in open, rural areas where there’s a need to clear large areas quickly. It is available with three motor options and is compatible with both standard and high-flow hydraulic machines.

When asked about the value and cost of the disc mulchers, Baker reiterated how important they’ve been to him and his team. “The design of the attachments and their ease of operation has allowed us to increase efficiency like never before. If I were in the market for a mulcher, I’d purchase this one and be extremely happy,” said Baker.

Diamond Mowers offers a wide range of specialized cutting attachments compatible with most tractor, skid-steer, wheel loader, and excavator brands. Visit DiamondMowers.com for more information or to find a dealer near you.




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