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Starting With Skid-Steer Safety

Posted by Neil Simons on 11/6/18 12:07 PM
Neil Simons

Man Cleaning Lexan Glass on Skid-Steer

Although we practice safety every day, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of best practices. The following are tips to help you stay safe while operating a skid-steer attachment. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Diamond Skid-Steer Rotary Mowers and Forestry Disc Mulchers can throw material over 300 feet (100 meters). Attachments should be treated like a loaded weapon and never pointed at buildings, roads, animals or people. Bystanders should stay back to avoid flying debris.

Protect Yourself
Only operate skid-steer attachments with the proper shields in place. Don’t remove protective shields from attachments, and use eye protection and shatter-resistant front windows if there is a chance of flying debris. Contact your Diamond dealer for application and pricing of shields.

Watch Yourself On Slopes
Carry your load as low to the ground as possible. When operating on uneven terrain, refrain from raising your attachment, or another load high above the ground. Always back down hills and keep the load on the uphill side to prevent rollovers and damage to your carrier.

Keep It Clean
Periodically stopping to clear debris off of the outside of the skid-steer and blow out/clean out radiators and coolers will keep your rig running cooler. This will prevent unnecessary wear around pivots where dirt and sawdust can pack in. Clearing debris will reduce the potential for fire. A clean skid-steer is a healthy skid steer.


For more safety tips or information on operation and maintenance, see your operators manual, or visit us at www.DiamondMowers.com.

To learn more about proper maintenance and technical resources visit Tech Tips.

Tech Tips

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