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Testimonial: Vegetation Management with Niblett

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 9/17/18 11:48 AM
Ben Gutnik
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Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC.

Diamond Mowers' customer, Chris Niblett, Owner/Operator of Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC. in Fort Smith, AR wrote us to share his experience with his 3-Point Boom Rotary Mower for right-of-way maintenance and vegetation management. 

My name is Chris Niblett and I own and operate Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC. We are based out of Fort Smith, AR.

We purchased a 3-Point Boom Mower so that we can maintain ditches, tree canopies, pond banks, and any other hard to reach places. Our experience with this mower thus far has been phenomenal. The single joy stick control makes operating smooth and effortless.

"It's hard to put into words my satisfaction with the customer service of Diamond Mowers."

This piece of equipment is a new addition for us. We aim to meet the needs of our clients, and as they ask for services, we add equipment to tackle those needs. We've had a lot of requests for tree canopy trimming, and hard to reach ditches, so we added the boom mower.

It's hard to put into words my satisfaction with the customer service of Diamond Mowers. I had an issue with the boom mower not wanting to raise the primary arm one day. This wasn't a huge deal as there's always going to be a hiccup here and there when using equipment. The important thing is, I called the very next morning and spoke with a parts and service tech. Within an hour they had my problem narrowed down, and within 24 hours the replacement parts were at my door. That right there is customer service. This service tech understood the importance of keeping this machine running, and made it a priority. 

The customer service and commercial grade quality is what I like most about Diamond Mowers. I almost went with another brand, but after talking to someone from Diamond, I had a change of heart. The Diamond rep never said anything negative about the competition, but rather spent his time telling me about why Diamond was so good. That, along with the knowledge to answer every question was impressive, and why I went with Diamond. 

Chris Niblett - Niblett Brush-Hogging & Land Management, LLC.


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