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Three Ways Land Clearing Contractors Can Improve Their Productivity

Posted by Neil Simons on 7/19/17 2:21 PM
Neil Simons


Ever hear the phrase, “time is money”? This statement is definitely true when you own your own business. Just as every business move should have a purpose, every move in the field should have a purpose as well!

1) Plan Your Attack
  • Survey your job site to identify potential terrain and vegetation problem areas.
  • Planning will help you avoid working yourself into a creek or a fence line, or going the wrong way up a hill.
  • Like playing chess or billiards, always be thinking two steps ahead. Position yourself not only for a single cut, but for the next.

2) Make Every Movement Count
  • Re-process larger chunks of mulch on your way to the next tree.
  • Shave off the nearby branches while lifting up for a vertical grind.
  • Allow the disc to recover speed while positioning for the next cut.

3) Maintain Your Equipment
  • Sharpen, rotate, and/or replace forestry teeth daily, or as needed.
  • Sharp teeth cut more efficiently, resulting in quicker work, less fuel used, and more money in your pocket.
  • Replace rotary mower brush blades in full sets with new hardware when they are worn to half of the original width.
  • Do a quick look over of equipment and parts whenever you stop for any form of break.
  • Make sure everything is still tight, there are no leaks, filters are clear, and the machine is running at the proper temperature. Catch potential problems early!

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A few easy steps, and a small amount of planning, will greatly increase your productivity. For information about maintenance of your Diamond Mowers attachment visit Tech Tips.


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