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Winterize Your Equipment

Posted by Neil Simons on 9/16/16 2:38 PM
Neil Simons

Mowing season is coming to an end for a large percentage of US and Canada operators. Before putting away equipment for the winter, help prepare and protect your assets by performing the following maintenance tasks:

  • Clean it – loose grass and dirt sitting on the deck or other flat surfaces will hold moisture and eat into the paint over time.
  • Change it – hydraulic fluid and filters should be changed every 500 hours, or once a year. While you are checking out your hydraulic system, make sure that there are no leaks and the hoses and tubes are in good condition.
  • Check it – thoroughly inspect the entire machine for cracks or loose bolts and bushings. Remove any loose frame bolts, reapply red Loctite (Loctite 262 recommended), and re-torque to the specifications found in the operator’s manual.
  • Lube it – pump fresh grease into all grease fittings. Rust will form on pins and bearings if they are exposed to air and moisture over time. A machine sitting dormant during the winter will seize bearings - unless they are packed full of grease to protect them.

Completing these maintenance steps in the fall allows time for potential repairs and avoids the last-minute scramble in the spring to fix issues before cutting and mowing season starts again.

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