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Industry Insight: Forestry Mulcher Preserves 5th Generation Ranch

Posted by Brian Burge on 7/16/18 5:14 PM

Diamond Mowers' customer, Toby Dahl, Rancher/Landowner in Roundup, MT shares his story of how his Skid-Steer Forestry Mulcher has helped him reclaim thousands of acres of grasslands from Ponderosa Pine.

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Cash or Parts Back

Posted by Mel Peterson on 7/10/18 2:42 PM


1. $500 factory rebate on all Skid-Steer Rotary Mowers. 

2. Free 50 teeth and hardware kit for all Skid-Steer Forestry Mulchers. 

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Growing With Diamond

Posted by Miranda Moss on 7/3/18 2:53 PM

Meet Tanner Hilger, Materials Manager at Diamond Mowers. Diamond appreciates and values the people who contribute to our positive culture. 

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Posted by Ray Swift on 6/26/18 5:17 PM

Correctly matching a skid-steer to its mulching attachment is critical for maximizing performance and profits.

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Industry Insight: Excavator Forestry Mulcher Protects from Idaho Forest Fire

Posted by Brian Burge on 6/14/18 11:05 AM

Diamond Mowers' distributor and customer, Garett Coates, with Gorge Machinery in Carson, WA shares his story of how his Excavator Forestry Mulcher clears brush and trees quickly, keeping him ahead of the flames.

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Keeping Your Business On Track

Posted by Travis Urban on 6/11/18 12:01 PM

Running a business can be a daunting task, but with preparation and goals, it can be less painstaking. We've put together a list of key action items to help keep your business on track for success.

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Forestry Teeth Maintenance Update

Posted by Neil Simons on 6/8/18 2:14 PM

The Diamond Forestry Mulcher can be a productive and efficient tool for getting rid of problem vegetation. However, forestry teeth that are allowed to become dull or broken will reduce that efficiency and cost you time and money.

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Buckthorn Take Over

Posted by Miranda Moss on 6/1/18 12:25 PM

Rhamnus cathartica, or more commonly refered to as Buckthorn, is a common sight in north-central and northeastern United States and the maritime provinces of Canada. Although Buckthorn is native to Eurasia, it was introduced to North America in the 1880s as an ornamental hedge plant. Its abundant fruit is dispersed by birds and other animals and it spreads quickly, replacing native vegetation.

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5 Tips On How To Build Up Your Social Media

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 5/30/18 8:32 AM

As a contractor, every job counts - and every job has to pay. It's important that you're creating leads and completing work that's right for your equipment and business model. Social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure and help grow your business.

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Diamond Mowers Announces Partnership In Australia / New Zealand

Posted by Mel Peterson on 5/18/18 3:40 PM


Diamond Mowers Announces Partnership In Australia / New Zealand

Leading Mulching and Brush Cutting Equipment Manufacturer Signs Exclusive Agreement with Australia/New Zealand Dealer.

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