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Attachments for Roadside Maintenance

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 8/12/21 1:52 PM

Roadside maintenance is vital for keeping any road in safe-driving condition - from a rural gravel road to major highways and other high-traffic thoroughfares. Regular maintenance keeps roads safe by removing debris and brush which blocks visibility, as well as prevents damage due to poor drainage.

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Testimonial: Operating in the Overgrown Ozarks

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 8/9/21 11:29 AM

Diamond Mowers’ customer, Lawson Thomas, shared his experience with Diamond’s Skid-Steer Disc Mulcher and Rotary Mower for reclaiming property and use in vegetation management. 

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Preventing Overgrowth Damage on your Property

Posted by Travis Urban on 5/4/21 9:16 AM

You may notice trees and heavy brush on your property becoming unruly. Unfortunately, this overgrown vegetation can do more than just ruin your curb appeal. Additionally, if you let it pile up, it can become overwhelming to maintain.

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Invasive Boxelder Tree

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 3/29/21 10:10 AM

The Boxelder is an adaptable, easy-to-grow maple tree native to North America. Boxelder trees have brittle, weak wood and typically grow near water or river banks.

Known by a dozen or more aliases, including river maple, sugar ash, maple ash, California maple, ash-leaf maple, and Manitoba maple, boxelders spread quickly, grow fast, and are highly prone to breakage.

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Dealer Spotlight - Pete's Equipment Sales & Rentals

Posted by Dacotah Buum on 3/24/21 12:26 PM

Pete's Equipment is a full-service dealer selling, servicing, and renting Diamond Mowers along with ASV, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Kioti tractors, and Metavic log loaders. They are located in north-central Vermont in a town called Morrisville.

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Diamond Mowers Receives Award from United Way

Posted by Chelsea Renteria on 3/1/21 4:51 PM

In a year filled with ups and downs for many, there is nothing more important than helping others by lending a hand when it is needed most. With a strong desire to support and help our community, Diamond Mowers reached out to team up with United Way for our very first campaign with one goal in mind; to make a difference. With the variety of agencies and individuals the Sioux Empire United Way impacts, we wanted to support their mission to assist children, vulnerable adults, and people in crisis. We are excited that through this incredible campaign effort, our employees rallied together and raised over $20,000! What a way to make a difference!

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Tractor Brushing & Mowing in a Township

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 2/25/21 3:49 PM

Diamond Mowers’ customer, Cody Holmberg, shared his experience with Diamond’s Tractor Boom Rotary Mower for vegetation management along roads and right-of-ways. 

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Customer-Focused Technical Writer

Posted by Miranda Moss on 2/17/21 12:53 PM

Diamond appreciates its employees who represent our Vision and Values. Meet Ray Swift, Technical Writer, an example of commitment and excellence. 

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Swing Flail Mower Applications

Posted by Ray Swift on 1/20/21 3:11 PM

The Rear Swing Flail Mower is the ideal solution for many unique vegetation management applications.

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Invasive Tree Species of the Southeast

Posted by Miranda Moss on 1/15/21 1:02 PM

If you live or work in the Southeast, you have admired breathtaking trees that have made their home as part of the southern landscape. Beautiful, old trees that have been around for generations could tell some interesting stories to the intrusive trees that have moved in and taken over. We explore some of the main invasive trees impacting the Southeast and how to tackle them.

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