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The Diamond Connection

Posted by Miranda Moss on 6/16/20 10:22 AM
Miranda Moss

Employee Spotlight - Chris Hanson - Product Specialist

Diamond appreciates the people who contribute to our Vision and Values. Meet Chris Hanson, Product Specialist, and a true representation of what hard work and excellence can accomplish.

Career Path at Diamond

Chris, who previously held a job in manufacturing, started his career with Diamond Mowers 7 years ago.

He has had an inspiring career path with Diamond, showing that excellence is not only appreciated, but it is one of the Diamond's core values. Chris started out in Assembly for 4 years, where he built a wide variety of equipment. Here he was able to help streamline the assembly process of the Skid-Steer Forestry Disc Mulcher.

After spending 4 years building the equipment, a transition into troubleshooting was a natural fit - as he became part of the Customer Service & Warranty team.

“It would have been tough working in Service & Warranty without having assembled our equipment first. Diamond equipment isn’t like a car or a skid-steer; each product is very different. From product design features and assembly to the operation techniques. Each piece of Diamond equipment is truly unique.”

In continuing to pursue his passion for helping customers,  Chris has transitioned to the role of Product Specialist about six months ago. With this new position, Chris works with dealers and customers helping ensure they are leveraging the best solutions for their vegetation management work.

Something New Every Day

Overall, Chris enjoys his time with Diamond because each day offers something new and different. In addition, he has helped countless people troubleshoot, and works to ensure customers get the right equipment for their specific application.

“Working at Diamond keeps you on your toes. It is fast-paced, and I know we will continue to grow and expand as a company.”

Helping People

“Before, I worked on the back-end, troubleshooting and helping dealers and customers. Now I get to work with those same dealers on the front-end, helping them match customers to the right piece of equipment that will help solve the land reclamation problem they are facing.”

In his current role, he now gets to travel the country and offer help in person. He gets to meet the same dealers he has been talking with for years on the phone, in person, which helps strengthen Diamond's connection with its customers and pushing for world-class customer service.

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