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Open or Depth Control Drum? Selecting The Right Drum Mulcher For Your Fleet

Posted by Matt Nelson on 4/22/22 3:26 PM

Ideal for land clearing, vegetation management, and utility or roadside maintenance, a drum mulcher serves a variety of needs. These attachments solve a variety of problems, such as maintaining an agricultural property, mitigating the spread of invasive species, infrastructure development, and right-of-way clearing. Drum mulchers get their name from their cylindrical, drum-like shape. These lean, heavy-duty mulchers attach to skid-steers and shred small trees and brush with a forward spinning motion – a quality that makes them great options for quick brush and undergrowth removal.

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Posted by Diamond Mowers on 4/18/22 9:06 AM

Attachment Leader Signals Commitment to Mulching Market
with Equipment Innovations and Unrivaled Customer Care

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Tractor Brushing & Mowing in a Township

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 2/25/21 3:49 PM

Diamond Mowers’ customer, Cody Holmberg, shared his experience with Diamond’s Tractor Boom Rotary Mower for vegetation management along roads and right-of-ways. 

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Swing Flail Mower Applications

Posted by Ray Swift on 1/20/21 3:11 PM

The Rear Swing Flail Mower is the ideal solution for many unique vegetation management applications.

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Tractor Mower Tires Selection

Posted by Neil Simons on 8/3/20 4:16 PM

When choosing the right specs for your new mowing tractor, or replacing worn-out tires on an existing tractor, it’s important to select the right tires for your mowing application. Tires that are too big might rub on components. Tires that are too small might allow the frame to drag on the ground as you enter and exit a ditch. Some types of tires perform better than others. In this article, we look into important items to keep in mind during the selection process.

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5 Uses for Fresh Mulching Chips

Posted by Ben Gutnik on 7/21/20 12:17 PM

If you have recently used a mulcher attachment to clear a significant amount of brush or trees from a piece of property, you likely have an abundance of fresh wood chips on your hands. While it is possible to recycle or otherwise dispose of the chips, that isn't the only option. Whether you've finished a large-scale public land project or have cleared away unwanted brush on your own property, there are several possible uses for the resulting wood chips to consider.

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Controlling Invasive Eastern Red-Cedar Trees

Posted by Miranda Moss on 7/20/20 6:54 AM

In Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas, the eastern red-cedar (Juniperus virginiana L.) has substantially reduced livestock production and profitability by 75% in the rangelands it invades.

Originally limited to rocky bluffs and other areas where fire couldn't reach them, eastern red-cedar tree populations expanded with the introduction of European land management practices to the United States. A decrease in controlled burns allowed forests to spread, including this now-invasive species. It extended from its native Kansas to nearby states, where it overtakes prairie plant life.

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Flail Mower vs Rotary Mower - Which Is Best for Your Job?

Posted by Ray Swift on 4/21/20 8:52 AM

Most people think all mower attachments are the same, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There is a wide range of cutting attachments that can be used with skid-steers, tractors, wheel loaders, and excavators, and each is designed to work best in specific situations. Two particularly popular types of Diamond Mowers cutting attachments are flail mowers and rotary mowers. 

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Understanding Rotary Blades

Posted by Neil Simons on 10/23/19 10:01 AM

There are different blades compatible with tractor Rotary Mowers. Knowing your application will help determine what type of blade will work best for you.

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Ter Beest Farms’ Experience with Diamond Mowers

Posted by Chelsea Renteria on 5/20/19 2:20 PM

Recently, Kyle Ter Beest reached out to us to share how his new Diamond Mowers 3-Pt Hitch Flail Mower has helped with maintaining his family’s farm.

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Topics: Application: Mowing, Tractors & Attachments, Diamond Mowers Community: Customer Testimonials